lazy cooking!

Howdy friends!

Today I don’t really have a recipe prepared… With a new job comes a new schedule and some adjustments. Some days I really don’t feel like looking on Pinterest or even going to the store and I know I’m not the only one! So today I thought I’d switch it up and kind of do a quick lesson on being lazy and putting something together that you already had in your pantry/fridge! Keep in mind, this is just a basic formula for easy cooking… I’ll include a link at the bottom if you’re looking for something more specific with what you have. Nevertheless, my advice is to just have fun with it and not be so stressed to make something fancy or extravagant. You got this!

First up, if you’re a meat eater like myself, a good starting point is some kind of protein. Sometimes I have turkey meat that I need to cook before it goes bad or I just can’t think of a crazy awesome recipe and I just need to eat. Regardless, it needs to be cooked or I’ll have to feed my garbage. If you don’t eat meat or don’t have any available, that’s not a problem. There are plenty of other protein sources that you may have that you just don’t know about. If you just really need to go to the store and only have the cardboard box left from a night out, then you may just need to double up on veggies or grains and hope you have the energy to go to the store later (been there before).

Once you have a base, the other parts can come a little more easily. Typically, I try to make a meal with a protein, a veggie, and a grain. Grains are pretty much the easy part. Got rice? Done. Tortillas? Pasta? That last piece of bread that you were hoping went bad before having to eat it? You get the point. Any of those can make a great meal option, the rest is up to you!

Now, the last part can be tricky in my opinion. If you don’t have any veggies on hand, I totally get it. Those aren’t as fun of a purchase to make at the store as the wine that they gave you a sample of. Trust me, been there before too….. Anyways, fresh veggies are great to have around, but if you don’t normally cook with/know how to cook fresh veggies, I’d stay away from them. They may go bad and you don’t want to get into a habit of wasting food (the cleanup alone isn’t worth it). One of my favorite things is frozen veggies. You can totally make these in your dorm or apartment and it’s so much better for everyone involved. I do understand that they won’t always be in your freezer, which is fine. When lazy cooking without veggies, maybe add a fruit as a side, or just go with the meat and grains.

Like I said, this is just a formula for lazy cooking, but not really anything specific. The creative part comes from what you know sounds good, or what your tastes are. With lazy cooking, it’s just that. Totally lazy, no need to be creative… some days, you definitely need a slow day and that’s okay!

Anyways, I hope this was semi helpful (or maybe really helpful, I hope!) in putting together a lazy meal! I’ll include some links at the bottom for more help if you need it.

Until next time friends!

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