sweet chili lettuce wraps

Howdy friends!

I hope that the weekend treated y’all well! This weekend we celebrated my grandparents 60th anniversary, and while it was a lovely day, I have eaten waaaaaay too much cake in the past few days. My mom made the cake for the anniversary party, and man that woman is talented! She worked on it for 3 days, and I was home in that time… Let me just say that cake scraps are some of God’s gift to mankind, and they have a special place in my heart (and stomach). My mom used to make a lot of cakes back when I was a kid and I loved looking into the fridge and seeing scraps of really tasty cake left over. Which is why I need to start eating healthy again!

This week I needed to revamp my whole plan and go green (literally), so I bought a bunch of those pre-made salads that HEB sells and other things to sort of flush the cake out of my system. I needed something tasty but also as healthy as possible without being straight up rabbit food. So I decided to try some lettuce wraps!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Lettuce leaves (you can get a head of lettuce or the already washed and trimmed leaves)
  • 1 lb of lean beef
  • 1/3 cup of chili garlic sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of light soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of minced garlic
  • Green Giant riced cauliflower and mixed veggies (you can buy cauliflower and rice it yourself, I find this to be a much easier way of doing things though!)

What you’ll do:

  • First, grease your pan and add the beef to it on medium high.
  • Add in the garlic and stir in with the beef.
  • While that is cooking, add your chili garlic sauce, honey, and soy sauce into a small bowl and set aside.
  • When the beef is almost done, add the cauliflower rice and make sure it is cooked through.
  • After both the beef and cauliflower rice has been cooked through, add in the mixture and let simmer for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Turn off the heat and enjoy!

FullSizeRender (6)

So this recipe was incredibly simple, and probably took me about 20 minutes to make. It cost me maybe less than $10, but I already had many of the ingredients. I loved this recipe because it was cheap, healthy, and easy. I have a lot of it leftover, so it works great for meal prep! I also added some sesame seeds and avocado to it to add some extra flavor. I’m definitely going to be making this a lot!

Well I hope that if you make this, you enjoy it as much as I do!

Until next time friends!

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